Skype session to an English teacher from Thailand

Today I want to tell you about our Skype session with Ms Govender. She is an English teacher near Chantaburri in Thailand and is preparing her class for another Skype friendship with class 8 from our school.

Ms Govender is a South African woman with Indian roots now living in Thailand for a couple of years. She teaches English and her dream is to open a school for unmotivated students. So she is going to live in Thailand for a few more years. We asked her lots of questions. She was very nice and answered them all very kindly. She told us that her ancestors left India about 200 years ago. She even told us about school systems both in South Africa and Thailand that is really interesting because we have the topics India and South Africa in our lesson plans this year. We learned that in Thailand the children have school from 8am to about 2 or 3 pm and that they have to wear uniforms. Now we also know that they don’t have breaks except of the lunch break.

She also told us about the racial and political problems in South Africa and Thailand. In Thailand is a lot of corruption and in South Africa there are still racial problems. For example the South Africans don’t like Indians and people from Mozambique which are supposed to “steal their jobs”.

We also learned that Thailand is a monarchy. So that means a king rules the country. But the king of Thailand died last year. So they have to wait for one year until his son can follow him on the throne.

We all have decided to exchange a “culture package”. So we will send them some typical German things like the movie “Dinner for one” or the Bravo and they will send to us some typical Thai stuff.

(Hafsa Kamran, class 10a)