A Skype Interview with English students from Thailand


On Monday 6th our class had an interview with Thai pupils from a school in Khlung. The names of the students are Biell, Peem, Kik, Sind, Aom and the teacher’s name is Ms Govender. They all were born in Khlung except for the teacher who is from Durban,South Africa.

We learned that they have maths, Thai , English and many other subjects at school. The Thai pupils live in the countryside with some of them living in a small house. A typical Thai food is Thai-curry with rice and pork or chicken and fish. School in Thailand begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.

They have only one lunch break. The pupils that were asked the question about technology have said that they got cellphones but they don’t have smartphones. The students told us there is much violence and crime in Thailand but their teacher said there is less crime and violence however it can be dangerous in bigger cities.

We also learned that they have a monarchy with a king who died last October. He is very important for them. A girl told us that she wants to study in Germany and another girl would like to study at university and after that she’d like to become a teacher.

Ms Govender wants to found her own school for unmotivated pupils – it’s her dream. The boys told us that their hobbies include playing soccer and swimming. I think it’s interesting that they are only six English students in one class (All in all there are 30-35 Students in one class.) But the whole school has got even 800 students.


Alberina Krasniqi (class 8a)